Construction Data

Construction is a major contributor to the U.S. economy. The industry has more than 650,000 employers with over 6 million employees and creates nearly $1 trillion worth of structures each year.  Check out the press releases and tables covering national, state and metro-level construction employment, spending, prices and special surveys.

State Economic Fact Sheet

AGC has compiled data on the role of the construction in the economy and employment in the United States, each state and major metro areas.

Wisconsin State Fact Sheet

2017 Construction Hiring & Business Outlook

Despite the general optimism outlined in Expecting a Post-Election Bump: The 2017 Construction Industry Hiring and Business Outlook, many firms report they remain worried about the availability of qualified workers and rising health and regulatory costs.

2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook

2017 Wisconsin Construction Outlook Survey Results

2017 Construction Outlook Survey:

Wisconsin Results